Imrei Shefer

(1:1) What was special about the first census of Yisrael?

(1:18) What does the expression “and they were born” mean?

(2:7) How does the Torah show that the tribe Zevulun was greater than the tribe of Yissachar?

(3:1) Who are considered to be the descendants of Moshe and Aharon?

Binyan Ariel

(1:1) Were the tribe of Levi included in the earlier census?

Divrei Yair

(1:17) Were all the men that were chosen to assist with the census virtuous?

Terumas Hadeshen

(1:1) Why was a census needed in Iyar if Hashem had already brought His Divine Presence to dwell amongst them in Nissan?

(1:22) How does the Torah compensate for what might be perceived as a slight to the honour of Shimon and Menashe?

(3:15) Why were the Levi’im counted from the age of one month?

Vedibarta Bam

A compilation of selected Torah insights, thought-provoking ideas, homilies, and explanations of Torah passages.