Imrei Shefer

(19:1) Why did the Children of Yisrael need to bring the red heifer to Moshe and Aharon?

(20:1) Why does it say that Miriam died there?

(20:2) Why did Yisrael quarrel only with Moshe and not with Aharon?

(20:3) Why did the people prefer to have died earlier?

(20:4) Why did the people complain to Moshe that he should never have brought them out of Egypt in the first place?

(20:6) Why did Moshe and Aharon move away before falling on their faces in prayer?

Binyan Ariel

(19:17) Why did Shlomo Hamelech think that the secret of the red heifer should be revealed to him?

Chanukas Hatorah

(19:2) Why does the Torah call the mitzvah of the red heifer a statute?

Kol Eliyohu

(21:18) How does the beginning of this posuk allude to those who learn Torah and those who support Torah?

Yashresh Yaakov

(19:9) Why is it necessary to mix some of the ashes from the red heifer that Moshe made into all the later red heifer ashes?

Vedibarta Bam

A compilation of selected Torah insights, thought-provoking ideas, homilies, and explanations of Torah passages.