Imrei Shefer

(30:2) Which difference between a vow and an oath is the posuk alluding to?

(30:2) Who are permitted to make a vow?

(30:6) Why does a woman who had her vow annulled by her husband need Hashem to forgive her?

(31:2) Why did Moshe send someone else to wage war against Midian, and not do so himself?

Yashresh Yaakov

(31:2) Since Hashem instructed Moshe to take vengeance against the Midianites, why did Moshe send someone else?

(31:51) Why did the soldiers who returned from the war with Midian need to repent?

Vedibarta Bam

A compilation of selected Torah insights, thought-provoking ideas, homilies, and explanations of Torah passages.