Chanukas Hatorah - Parshas Metzora

How can the metzora become healed from his affliction?

(14,2) “This shall be the law (the Torah) of the metzora on the day of his cleansing.”

The Midrash comments on our posuk “this shall be the law of the metzora” - he should be as it is. This Midrash is a puzzle.

But we can explain it according to the gemora in Nedarim 55a, which writes: What is meant by the posuk in Bamidbar 21:29 “from the wilderness, matanah”? When a person makes himself like a wilderness and humbles himself, the Torah is given to him as a gift. It emerges from this that Torah learning can only endure with someone who humbles himself. And Rashi comments that wood from the lofty cedar tree is required as part of the purification process, because the afflictions of a metzora come on account of haughtiness. Instead, a person should humble himself from his haughtiness like the lowly hyssop.

With this we can understand the quoted Midrash: “this is the Torah of the metzora” - he should be as it is. That is, the metzora should be as the Torah is. That just as the Torah cannot endure except with someone who humbles himself, so too the metzora - he too should conduct himself with humility.

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