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Why did Shimshon’s parents not see the incident with the lion?

(14,5) “And Shimshon and his father and mother went down to Timnas, and they came until the vineyards of Timnas, and behold, a young lion roared towards him. And there rested upon him the spirit of Hashem, and he tore it apart as one would tear apart a kid and he had nothing in his hand, but he did not tell his father and mother what he had done.”

Many commentaries have had a hard time trying to understand these posukim, because it clearly says that Shimshon went together with his father and mother, so why did they not see what happened? And why does it not say "a young lion roared towards them"?

But we can answer this problem according to what the gemora teaches in several places - "Go! Go!" we say to the Nazir, "Go around! Go around! Do not go close to the vineyard!". And as we know Shimshon was a Nazir, and behold, it says “and they came until the vineyards of Timnas”. Therefore Shimshon did not go with them but instead went around the vineyard, and thus he was in a different location when the incident occurred. Therefore, his father and mother did not see or know about what he had done when he was alone.

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