Ki Sovoh
Yashresh Ya’akov - Parshas Ki Sovoh

What does the Torah mean when it says that “you will be sold there…but no one will acquire”?

(28,68) “And Hashem will bring you back to Egypt in ships by the way about which I said to you, you will never see it again, and you will be sold there to your enemies as servants and maidservants, but no one will acquire.”

What the end of the posuk means is that even though you will indeed be sold to them, nevertheless, “no one will acquire” - they will not acquire you at all. Meaning, they will not gain through you any success or wealth or improvement, neither in material matters nor in spiritual matters. Thus, in contrast with the blessing that Yosef brought to the house of Potiphar - “Hashem blessed the house of the Egyptian because of Yosef” (Bereishis 39:5) - this sale will be considered a curse for the nations who purchase you. And with this the admonitions were concluded.

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