Imrei Shefer

(25:11) Which two sins did Pinchos rectify?

(25:11) How did the first sons of Pinchos also become Kohanim?

(25:11) Why was Pinchos rewarded in this world for his deed?

(27:16) Why did Moshe ask Hashem to choose a successor rather than choose one himself?

(27:23) hat benefit did Yehoshua receive as a result of Moshe placing both his hands upon him?

Chanukas Hatorah

(25:11) How does stating that Pinchos was descended from Aharon help matters?

(25:12) What does the Midrash mean when is says that Pinchos was justifiedly rewarded?

Kli Yakar

(25:11) ow does stating Pinchos’s genealogy show that he is worthy of praise?

(1:17) Where is the proper place to sanctify the name of Hashem?

Yashresh Yaakov

(25:11) Why did Pinchos deserve to be rewarded?

(25:11) Since the law is that a Kohen who has killed is no longer allowed to serve, how could Pinchos have been made a Kohen?

Vedibarta Bam

A compilation of selected Torah insights, thought-provoking ideas, homilies, and explanations of Torah passages.